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Important Information about premanufactured Garage Door and Front Door Decor

What is Garage Door Decor?


Garage Door Decor is a collection of banners designed for use on garage doors. The full garage door is covered with a beautiful design, and a garage door with a banner installed will open and close as normal.

What types of garage door are compatible with Garage Door Decor?


Garage Door Decor is manufactured to fit roll-up (sectional) garage doors, as well as canopy (flat) garage doors.

Sectional Door

Canopy Door

What is Front Door Decor?


Front Door Decor is a collection of banners that cover the front door of any home. This mural will not affect the functionality of your door; the door will still open and close as it normally would.

You say these murals are made from high-quality materials. Could you talk about this in more detail?


We’d love to! All premanufactured door decor murals are created for those who like quality products. The banners are made of durable vinyl, and the hardware is constructed of high-quality materials so your mural will last several years. We also ensure high print quality, which is the product of hundreds of hours of research and development. The ink we use is UV-resistant so, with normal usage and storage, our vibrant colors won’t fade for years. Plus, our garage door and front door banners are designed to be safely used in all weather conditions.

How do your garage door banners work?


We’ve developed a system that makes installation quick and easy. This system requires no tape or screws, which could potentially damage your garage door. Instead, our hardware consists of a hook attachment that goes over the top of the garage door and a tension hook at the bottom. The top hook attachment protects your mural from theft by keeping it securely held behind the frame of the garage door. The tension hook keeps the mural taut when the garage door is closed and protects it from wind damage by flexing with the mural.

How difficult is it to install these banners?

Each garage door banner is ready to hang with minimal assembly. Two people installing a single mural should take about ten minutes.

Front door banners are even easier. They install using adhesive pads, and installation instructions are included with each front door banner.

How do I find the size of my garage door?


We have created a video that shows you how to measure your garage door.

Do these banners come with assembly hardware, or do I need to purchase it separately?


Every banner, whether it’s for your front door or garage door, comes with assembly hardware so it can be installed right out of the box.

How do these banners ship?


Each banner is rolled and packed into a long box (84″x 6″x 6″) before shipping.

Is there a return policy?


Premanufactured Garage Door and Front Door Decor come with a standard warranty that protects every item against manufacturer defects. Banners are warrantied for 90 days, and assembly hardware is warrantied for one year. Damaged items may be returned for a replacement or refund if we are notified within the warranty period.